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How Do Lawyers Decide What Clients They Take?

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    Your local Lake Worth Personal Injury attorneys at Adolphe Law want you to know that in every decision-making process regarding a case, we weigh the pros and cons. Will taking this case benefit my client and me? When we have to make a decision on whether or not we take a client, we ask ourselves a series of questions. The intent of these questions is to truly determine if the case, client, and firm are the right fit and will lead to the most desired outcome.

    Is it a valid case?

    While this question seems so simple, lawyers get hundreds of opportunities to accept absurd cases each year. If someone comes to a lawyer and offers two case options:

    • I have a personal injury caused by someone else.
    • My neighbor repeatedly tells me my dog is fat when we walk by their house.

    Suing someone because they insult your dog would be considered a frivolous lawsuit and unlikely to win any settlement in or out of court. The more precedent and laws that exist to defend a case, the more likely a lawyer is to take it. Like all of us, lawyers like to win, maybe even more than most of us!

    You can always inquire about your particular circumstances, but you’re far more likely to be accepted if the case is a more traditional case with documentation or history to back it up. At Adolphe Law Group, we are always open to hearing your case and will help determine if your case is worth arbitration.

    Is there a conflict of interest?

    A conflict of interest is defined as a person having duties to more than one party or organization but cannot do justice to one without harming the other party. A simplified example:

    Your longtime client slips on ice when visiting a friend. They had previously asked that friend to make sure the pathway was clear because they have a bad hip. When they fell, they broke their hip and now have to get a very expensive surgery. As a personal injury lawyer in Florida, this is your dream case. The case is straightforward and likely to win a large settlement. Except the friend they were visiting is your sister-in-law. So you either win this case and have awkward Thanksgivings forever, or you don’t help your client the way they deserve.

    In situations like these, it’s in the lawyer’s best interest not to get involved. Therefore, your local Lake Worth attorneys at Adolphe Law Group will not take your case if there’s a conflict of interest.

    Am I qualified for this case?

    As competitive people, we always want to push ourselves and rise to the challenge. So this question ends up being the most difficult to honestly answer. However, it is the most important question. If, as a lawyer, I cannot do you and your case justice, then I should not be taking it. There are other lawyers who may be more specialized that could defend you better. Lawyers want you to win. Therefore, if we don’t think we have the needed experience for your particular case, we should refer you to a lawyer who’s more qualified for your case.

    At Adolphe Law Group, we only take cases we feel confident we can win. Our team is willing to ask ourselves these difficult questions to make sure we are the firm for you. Our team of local Lake Worth attorneys wants to give back to the community and help in every way possible. We would love to hear your case in hopes your case could be a win for both of us.

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