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    Do you know a child who is a victim of abuse or neglect?

    It takes most childhood abuse victims many years to come to a place where they can discuss and process child abuse or neglect. When abuse victims are finally able to bring themselves to start discussing their abuse later in life, what should they do? Consult Child Neglect Attorney Florida about your cases.

    In 2010, then governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, rejected the statute of limitations on both civil and criminal sexual abuse claims who are or were 16 years old or younger. This allows victims to pursue a claim against a perpetrator and the institution they were associated with despite a great lapse of time.

    Who are abuse claims made against?

    Abuse claims can be made against an individual perpetrator of abuse, an institution, or in many cases, both. If the perpetrator is no longer living, you can still receive restitution for the negligence on the part of an institution the perpetrator was associated with.

    Abuse claims are commonly made against individuals such as:

    • The person/s who abused the victim
    • Churches or Religious Institutions
    • Primary or High schools, as well as Universities
    • Boys’ and Girls’ homes
    • Juvenile detention centers
    • Foster homes
    • Government Departments
    • Kindergartens, preschools and childcare centers
    • Prisons or Detention centers

    How do you evaluate abuse claims?

    The amount of compensation to be claimed depends on many variables relevant to the victim’s personal situation and circumstances.
    For example:

    • Psychological injury, diagnosis, and impairment
    • Need for medical treatment, counseling, or psychiatric care
    • Effects on the victim’s past and future ability to work and earn income
    • The pain and suffering endured
    • Age, living circumstances, drug/alcohol use, periods of incarceration, familial circumstances, life story, etc.

    Compensation can often include damages for pain and suffering, income or wage loss, treatment costs, care and assistance, or home help costs.

    Experience in Handling Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

    Attorney Rollande J. Adolphe is a child abuse lawyer in Lake Worth Florida who has experience in handling cases involving child neglect and/or abuse (physical and sexual abuse), Florida DCF (Department of Children and Family) matters; foster care, private and state-run group homes, as well as private and public schools. Call Adolphe Law Group today for a FREE consultation with a child abuse attorney in Lake Worth or South Florida.

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