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    Product Liability Attorney Lake Worth

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    Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of commercial products are responsible for ensuring that any product used by consumers is reasonably safe for its intended use. When they make or sell unsafe products, people can be seriously injured.

    Types of Defects That Can Lead to Product Liability Claims

    Products are generally determined to be defective in one or more of the following areas:

    • Design Defects: If the product’s design is unsafe, it can be assumed that the entire product line is unsafe. If an injury occurs as a result of a poorly designed product, then the parties responsible for the development can be held liable for design defects.
    • Manufacturing Defects: The product may be well-designed, but the manufacturer built the product incorrectly. If the product does not meet the manufacturing specifications and causes injury, you may have a case to receive compensation.
    • Insufficient Instructions or Warnings: If a product does not contain proper warnings or instructions for safe operation and this leads to an injury, a consumer may be entitled to damages based on this defect.

    Important factors to remember:

    You do not have to purchase the product to hold the defendant liable. For example, if you borrow a defective product or are injured by a defective product that someone else was using, you may still be able to file a product liability claim.

    Product Liability Claims

    When filing a product liability claim, you should name all parties involved in the product’s chain of distribution. The chain of distribution can include but is not limited to the manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or distributor, and all consultants involved in the design and testing of the product.

    How to Protect Your Rights After a Defective Product Injury?

    Suppose you or a close family member has been injured due to a defective product. In that case, preserve the evidence and consider filing a product liability lawsuit. It is important to remember to keep the defective product or any unused portion of it. If you or someone you know are wondering if you have a product liability claim, call Adolphe Law Group to consult with an experienced Product Liability Attorney or Florida Defective Product Lawyer, to find out how attorney Rollande J. Adolphe can help you.

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