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Sample U.S. Embassy Interview Questions

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    United States Embassy Interview Questions

    The United States embassy interview is the most crucial stage of the green card process. During the interview, the consular officer will question your foreign spouse in detail; this is to determine the legitimacy of your marriage. If the consular officer concludes that you and your foreign spouse have a legitimate marriage, then the immigrant visa will be approved, given that all other paperwork is completed correctly.

    The officer’s determination is based largely upon your foreign spouse’s responses to questions. Review the sample questions below. These questions are intended as a basic guide only. Each consular officer will ask different questions as the circumstances dictate.

    Initial Meeting

    1. How did you meet your spouse? Describe the circumstances.
    2. When did you first meet your spouse in person? Describe the circumstances.
    3. How long have you known your spouse?
    4. Please state the date and place you last saw your spouse, in person, prior to this interview.
    5. How much time have you and your spouse spent together in person?
    6. How do you and your spouse communicate (i.e. telephone, text, email, letters)?
    7. How often do you and your spouse communicate? Describe the circumstances.

    Biographic Information

    1. What is your spouse’s birthday?
    2. What is your spouse’s place of birth?


    1. Where does your spouse live?
    2. Where do your spouse’s parents live?
    3. If your spouse has siblings, where do they live?

    Education and Employment Status

    1. What does your spouse do for a living?
    2. Where does your spouse work?
    3. What is your spouse’s educational background?

    Cultural Background

    1. What is your spouse’s religious background?
    2. What is your religious background?
    3. Does your spouse speak and understand your language?
    4. Do you speak and understand your spouse’s language?

    Common Interests

    1. What do you like about your spouse?
    2. What are your spouse’s hobbies and interests?
    3. What are your hobbies and interests?

    Prior Marital Status

    1. Has your spouse been divorced?
    2. If yes, when did your spouse get a divorce?
    3. If yes, why did your spouse’s prior marriage end in divorce?


    1. Have you met your spouse’s family? If yes, describe the circumstances and who you met.
    2. Does your spouse have any siblings? If yes, state their names and ages.


    1. Does your spouse have any children? If yes, state their names and ages.
    2. If yes, do the children live with your spouse?
    3. If yes, are you willing to take care of your spouse’s children if they live with you?
    4. Do you plan to have children with your spouse?


    1. What did your parents think about this marriage? Did they approve of it?
    2. What did your spouse’s parents think about this marriage? Did they approve of it?
    3. What type of wedding did you have? Describe the circumstances.
    4. How did other members of your families feel about your marriage?

    Travel to the United States

    Travel to the United States (this is an H3)
    1. When do you intend to leave for the United States?
    2. Have you ever been to the United States? If yes, what type of visa did you use to travel to the United States?
    3. If yes, how long did you stay in the United States?
    4. If yes, when did you return from the United States?

    Future Plans

    1. At what address will you reside in the United States?
    2. Do you plan to get a job in the United States?
    3. Do you plan to attend school in the United States?

    Criminal History

    1. Has your spouse told you about his/her prior criminal convictions? If yes, what was s/he convicted of and what were the circumstances?

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