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West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer: A Breakdown Of Tips and Steps to Take When You Get into a Crash

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    West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

    Have you been involved in a car accident that caused personal injury to you or your passengers? Make sure you reach out to a West Palm Beach auto attorney to get the assistance you need to recover. We will be your advocates and help on the road to recovery.

    Why Hire a Lawyer Following a Car Accident?

    Many of the injured victims we assist have never before faced this challenge. They don’t think they’re the type to suit, but they can’t afford to take the insurance companies up on their lowball settlement offer for a car accident or traffic collision.

    As personal injury lawyers with extensive expertise, we are aware of the demands you are currently under. Additionally, we can discuss the difficulties you might experience after suffering severe injuries in a Lake Worth automobile accident.

    It’s critical that you understand the full extent of your losses during this trying time so that you can approach negotiations in the best light imaginable. We are here to help!

    How You Can Get Assistance From A Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer

    You can count on our Lake Worth car accident attorney to:

    • Investigate the cause of your automobile accident to determine who is liable in law for your injuries and the collision. This is most likely the other driver, but based on the details of your accident, it could also be a number of parties.
    • Find all insurance policies that provide coverage for your accident and injuries.
    • In order to determine the complete extent of your auto accident injuries and your recovery prognosis, obtain your medical records and have them examined by professionals.
    • Include all the expenses and losses the car accident has cost you in the past, present, and future. We will consult with medical, vocational, and economic consultants as required, especially if you have disabling injuries, to determine your likely future medical and/or life care requirements as well as how your injuries will affect your ability to earn money.
    • File claims with the appropriate insurance companies and negotiate for full and prompt traffic collision settlements.
    • If a settlement cannot be reached, file a lawsuit against the party(s) at fault to obtain compensation. Remember that despite the possibility of naming specific people in a lawsuit, almost all of the money awarded in such a case is protected by insurance.
    • Even as the case(s) is(are) being litigated, fight hard for equitable and complete settlements. Once a lawsuit is filed, information obtained from opposing parties often makes settlement negotiations more fruitful as evidence begins to paint a picture of what really happened and why.
    • Present a strong and comprehensive case in court, if required. If an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys will be well-prepared to present your case to the judge and jury. The majority of car accident claims can be resolved without going to court.

    What Is the Value of Your Car Accident Case?

    Calculating the reasonable amount of money you would accept to give up your legal claim is the first step in negotiating a settlement for an auto accident or personal injury claim. Most insurance companies and personal injury lawyers use a formula to establish a starting point for settlement negotiations. This is true for a bodily injury claim in an auto accident case or a personal injury case.

    To estimate non-economic damages, such as money for your pain and suffering, a common formula uses a multiplier and your medical expenses. To arrive at a dollar amount from which you can bargain, this figure is added to your economic losses, such as medical expenses, property damage, and lost income. 

    The majority of injury cases result in two primary types of damages: economic losses (also known as “special” damages) and non-economic losses. (called “general” damages). The losses incurred by the injured party in any injury-related insurance claim, or even in a personal injury lawsuit brought in civil court, can be classified into one of these two groups.

    Losses that are simple to calculate as special damages. They consist of the price of medical care, any lost wages resulting from missed time at work, accident-related property damage, and other direct financial losses.

    However, general damages are more difficult to measure. In addition to the effect the injuries have on the claimant’s day-to-day life, they also include a subcategory of damages known as pain and suffering, which refers to the physical discomfort, mental anguish, stress, and other similar adverse effects of the injuries. 


    If you are looking for a car accident law firm near me, Aldolphe Law Firm is ready to assist you to get the compensation you deserve. We will walk you through the necessary steps for recovery in this trying situation. 


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