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Stay Merry and Injury-Free: Holiday Safety Tips for a Joyful Season

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    Stay Merry and Injury-Free Holiday Safety Tips for a Joyful Season

    Adolphe Law wishes you and your family a merry holiday season, free of strife or injury! We take our job of representing you as a personal injury lawyer very seriously, even during busy times of the year. If you or someone you know experiences a personal injury while commuting or shopping during this holiday season, give us a call to evaluate your case. We have provided some tips to keep your holidays magical and injury-free.

    Fire Hazards and Home Safety

    The holiday season is here, and Adolphe Law Group wants everyone to stay safe during the upcoming festivities. Keeping your home safe from fires and personal injuries is a top priority.

    Decorations like trees, lights, and candles increase the risk of fires during the holidays, especially when burning candles. You can keep your home safe by testing your smoke alarms and practicing your home fire escape plan with your family. Additionally, you can decorate your home with lights and ornaments according to these straightforward safety guidelines: 

    • Verify that none of the Christmas light cords are torn or damaged. Limit the number of light strands you link together to three per extension cord.
    • Make sure the artificial tree you are purchasing has a fire-resistant label. When installing the tree, keep it away from radiators, fireplaces, and other heat sources.
    • Make sure a live tree is fresh and give it regular watering to maintain its freshness. Each day, be sure to pick up any fallen, dry needles from the ground.
    • Make sure your exterior decorations are appropriate for the weather and firmly attach any lights to your house or trees. Make sure that any hooks or nails you use outside are insulated to prevent fire or electrocution hazards.
    • Exercise additional caution when utilizing a ladder. Wear shoes that provide you with good traction, and make sure your foot placement is stable.
    • Remember to switch off all the Christmas lights before you leave the house or go to bed. You may also utilize a programmable timer.
    • Candles and decorations should be kept away from kids and pets. Fireplaces should not be lit if stockings are hanging low or near the fireplace.

    Holiday Parties: Hosting or Attending

    It seems there’s no end to the fun during December! Several holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve, can make the season festive. When you’re hosting a party, think about the following action items in order to keep everyone safe: 

    • Offer your guests non-alcoholic drinks during the celebration.
    • Secure a different mode of transportation for drunk guests.
    • Make plans for a designated driver who will not consume alcohol for your group.

    The holiday season is full of opportunities to celebrate with family, coworkers, and friends. But it can also be a time when our normal inhibitions are lowered. Here are tips for attending a holiday party:

    • Eat a substantial amount of food before consuming any amount of alcohol.
    • Consume foods heavy in protein to help the alcohol leave your stomach more slowly and to slow down the absorption of alcohol.
    • Keep in mind that your body will get rid of the alcohol over a period of time; it can take hours, so consume limited amounts.
    • Set healthy boundaries for yourself before attending a party and let others know your self-limitations. Others can help keep you accountable.
    • Never operate a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

     Driving and Shopping

    Sometimes, people are more distracted during the holidays. It’s a time when usually responsible individuals become negligent and more susceptible to theft and other holiday crimes. People tend to forget about being cautious, organized, and aware of their surroundings. Here are some tips for staying safe while driving and parking in the holiday season:

    • Do your best to avoid driving at night or by yourself.
    • Keep all the doors locked and the windows closed. You can use an anti-theft device or set an alarm.
    • If you must go shopping after dark, park in a well-lit spot.
    • Refrain from parking near vehicles with tinted windows, trucks with camper shells, or vans.
    • Make sure to pay attention to where you park and try to park as near to your destination as you can.
    • Never leave your automobile running or leave unattended children inside your vehicle.
    • Packages and valuables should never be left on the seat of your vehicle. This makes thieves more tempted to break in. Put everything out of sight or lock it in the trunk if you must leave something in the car.
    • Before you head to your car, make sure you find your keys.
    • Hold onto your handbag, purse, and packages securely. To open the door, do not place them on top of the car or on the ground.
    • Always pay attention to your surroundings, whether getting into or getting out of your car.
    • If people in the parking area seem suspicious, avoid going up to your car by yourself.
    • Before you leave your shopping area, ask for an escort from the mall or store security.
    • Shop with friends! It’s more fun and there’s safety in numbers.


    It’s simple to get swept up in the excitement of the holidays. The busiest time of year can also be the most delightful if you follow common-sense safety precautions. When drivers and store personnel are busier than normal, you may experience an injury due to their negligence. Regretfully, hundreds of Americans wind up in hospitals during the holidays due to other people not following basic safety precautions. If you need a personal injury attorney during or after the holiday season, reach out to Adolphe Law. Happy holidays!


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