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What Insurance Covers Bicycle Accidents

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    What Insurance Covers Bicycle Accidents

    Cycling lessens traffic congestion and pollution, which benefits the environment. Additionally, it benefits your health. Many people in Florida travel and exercise on bicycles every day. But there are risks specific to riding a bike. What occurs if a car strikes you when you’re bicycling? Are bicycle accidents covered by vehicle insurance in Florida?

    Absolutely, your damages should be covered by your auto insurance. Who caused the accident will determine which insurance is used. Make sure to get in touch with a bike accident lawyer in Florida if you are involved in an accident. We can help you file or, if required, pursue legal action. This piece offers a more thorough examination of how bicycle mishaps are resolved and what kind of insurance you can obtain to safeguard yourself.

    Is a Bicycle Collision Covered by Auto Insurance?

    Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are covered by auto or automobile insurance in Florida. So, does Florida auto insurance cover accidents involving bicycles? It does, indeed. If you are in an accident and you have auto insurance, you are covered under the PIP coverage that the state mandates. Here are some important facts about this kind of coverage. 

    PIP Insurance Requirement in Florida

    In Florida, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandatory for all drivers who carry auto insurance. In order to cover property damage, the state also mandates that drivers with auto insurance obtain a property damage liability (PDL) policy. The Florida Statutes require this.

    PIP is also considered a no-fault coverage in accordance with this Florida statute. Florida does not assign blame. Your personal injuries will be covered under the no-fault insurance system in the event of a bike accident, despite who is at fault. Therefore, regardless of who is deemed to be at fault, medical costs and lost income of the injured party are covered by vehicle insurance coverage. You ought to be automatically covered by PIP as long as you own a car. 

    PIP Insurance for a Florida Bicycle Accident

    Standard PIP coverage in Florida covers up to 80% of medical expenses and 60% of lost income as a result of a bicycle accident. The policy’s coverage limitations will determine the worth of the coverage. You’ll be responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs if the damages exceed the coverage amount. Additionally, you can add coverage to your PIP to make it worth more.

    PIP is insurance that is based on claims; it must be mentioned. Within 14 days of the accident, you must submit a bicycle accident claim to your insurance company. You can get help with the next steps from a Florida bicycle accident lawyer.

    How Much Coverage is Available to me Under a Policy for Personal Injury Protection?

    PIP is able to provide at least $10,000 in coverage for any injuries, lost income, and medical expenses incurred in a bicycle accident. This is the bare minimum coverage; for greater security in the event of an accident, you may always get a higher policy.

    If you live in the same home as a family member and do not have your own auto or bicycle insurance, you may use that person’s PIP policy, according to Florida statutes. However, since PIP only covers personal injuries, you are unable to utilize the driver who struck you coverage.

    Policies From Which You May Obtain Coverage Following a Cycling Mishap

    The topic of whether Florida vehicle insurance covers bicycle accidents has already been addressed. When you are in a bike accident, you can obtain coverage from many fault-based policies in addition to a regular auto insurance policy. However, if you only have a basic policy for your house or rent, you won’t be covered for an accident on a bicycle. The many policy kinds from which you can obtain coverage are shown below. 

    Health Benefits

    Do bicycle accidents get covered by health insurance? It does, indeed. After an accident, having personal health insurance can help you receive the necessary medical care. Regardless of who is at blame, the full amount of your coverage will be able to cover your medical costs. Your health insurance policy may, under some circumstances, also pay for rehabilitation treatments and lost wages.

    Uninsured Driver Protection (UM)

    If the other driver is uninsured or hits and runs, your uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your losses and injuries. This is valuable coverage, particularly in a state like Florida, where accidents can occur at any moment due to the high number of uninsured drivers on the road.

    Insurance for Underinsured Drivers (UIM)

    Similar to uninsured motorist coverage (UM), underinsured motorist coverage kicks in when another driver has auto insurance but not enough coverage to pay for all of your injuries and damages. According to Florida state law, having UM and UIM is optional, but getting these policies is strongly advised if you want additional security. In the event that you are uninsured, you may utilize a family member’s policy.

    Riding my bike, I was hit by a car. Is it possible to Sue?

    You certainly can. You have the right to sue the negligent driver to recover damages from them if you are hit by a car while riding your bike. A verified medical record of your injuries, together with any evidence of equipment and bicycle damage, must be shown.

    You must show that the driver’s negligence caused the collision in order to prevail in court. You have the option to sue the driver who was at fault even if you had made an insurance claim. Make sure you choose a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to assist you with the initial steps of the process by contacting your Florida accident lawyer. 


    Are bicycle accidents covered by vehicle insurance in Florida? Yes, it does if you have coverage on your auto insurance. This is due to the fact that PIP coverage—which covers medical expenses up to the policy maximum—must be included in your auto insurance policy. You can make a claim with the other driver’s BIL insurance if they have one, if you don’t have PIP. Another option is to bring legal action against the responsible party.

    If you have been in a bicycle accident and are located in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Hallandale, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, or any other location in Florida, the Law Offices of Adolphe Law Group can assist you in getting compensation. Get a free consultation right now. 


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