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How to Find Legal Help in a Slip and Fall Accident

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    Slipping and falling because of a crack in the sidewalk or a spill in the grocery store is common enough. But if you’ve fallen and injured yourself, when should you be seeking legal help? 

    At Adolphe Law Group, we have represented many clients in slip and fall accidents. Let’s investigate what situations warrant legal action, what a Florida personal injury lawyer will do, and how to find legal help. 

    What is a slip and fall accident?

    A slip and fall accident is when someone has hurt themselves, typically caused by something like an irregular sidewalk or a wet floor. It can happen anywhere, in both public and private areas

    Now, someone might trip over their shoelace and take a tumble. But legally speaking, slip and fall accidents are when an environment has been neglected by the property owner and that neglect directly caused a person to fall. If they have failed to eliminate foreseeable dangers and maintain safe conditions, they could be held liable for any injury.

    When should you pursue legal action for a slip and fall accident?

    Not every slip or fall means that the property owner is liable. But if there’s neglect to maintain a safe environment, you may be able to pursue legal action. Here’s some examples of neglect:

    • Irregular cracks in the pavement that have been brought to the property owner’s attention but not fixed.
    • Failure to put a “caution sign” when mopping the floor in a grocery store. 
    • Newly waxed staircase with no signage or prior communication that it was happening. 

    In a slip and fall accident, the burden of proof lies on the person who fell. This means it’s important to have evidence to support the case:

    • Images of your injuries to demonstrate what happened. 
    • Witness testimonies of people who observed the accident.
    • Documentation of the environment and unsafe conditions that caused your fall.

    Florida statute 768.0755 states that the proprietor of a business must know about the dangerous condition for it to be negligence, so evidence also needs to prove this. Further, there is a statute of limitations in Florida on slip and fall accidents—they must be filed within four years of the incident. 

    What can a Florida personal injury lawyer do?

    A Florida slip and fall lawyer can consult with you and determine whether you have a viable case for your slip and fall accident. They can walk you through the process, help collect evidence, and prepare you for court. 

    Further, a Florida slip and fall lawyer will be able to build your case and fight accusations of comparative negligence. This is the concept that you may be partially at fault for the accident, thus reducing the verdict.

    A personal injury lawyer, most importantly, will fight for your rights! 

    How to find legal help from a Florida personal injury lawyer

    If you’re unsure whether you should consult a lawyer about your slip and fall accident—just go for it. Receiving legal help from a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries will help clarify your next steps.

    If you need someone to talk to, contact the Adolphe Law Group today. We’ve got a team of personal injury lawyers with the experience and knowledge to fight for your rights!


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