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When You Need a Product Liability Attorney

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    We’ve all been there before—you buy a new product, appliance, or piece of technology, and it breaks after a few days. Maybe you’ve even had something dramatic happen, like your new vacuum catching on fire! There have been some famous product liability cases in the US that were the result of serious and harmful product defects.

    These things are not only inconvenient but can be unsafe and harmful. And when that’s the case, you might have grounds for legal action.

    Companies, manufacturers, and retailers are responsible for ensuring that consumers are safe and protected when using the product in a reasonable way. So, if there is an accident or injury, they can be held liable. Lake Worth defective product attorney, like those at Adolphe Law Firm, can help you determine when it’s time to sue.

    Reasons to Use a Defective Product Attorney

    Before jumping into the details of when to use a defective product attorney, it’s important to note the responsibility on the consumer’s side. Products have an intended use, and if you are using them differently from how they’re designed to be used—that’s on you! But if you are following its intended use and something goes wrong, it might be time to call a defective product attorney in Lake Worth.

    It’s also important to note that you cannot sue over a defective product unless there’s been an injury. So, just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean you are owed damages, though you may be entitled to other compensation such as a refund, exchange, or credit.

    Almost any type of product can be defective, but the most common are vehicles, household appliances, toys, or medical devices. They can be defective for a few reasons:

    • Design defects: The problem stems from poor design.
    • Manufacturing defects: The problem is because of a mistake in the manufacturing 
    • Insufficient instructions: The product doesn’t include instructions or warnings, leading a consumer to use it incorrectly.

    Any of these reasons may mean that the company is liable for an injury or accident caused by the defective product. Examples of common injuries could be electrical burns, cuts, bruises, or chemical inhalation.

    Your defective product attorney will walk you through your potential case. But before you contact them, here are two other important things to note:

    • You don’t need to own the product to sue the company responsible. Even if you’ve borrowed a product and been hurt, you may be eligible for compensation.
    • Potential parties to sue to include anyone in the chain of distribution: manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or consultant.

    Product Liability Attorneys in Florida

    If you’ve been injured by a defective product, make sure to keep the product in order to show its defects. You should also record as much evidence of both your injury and the defective process to help build your case. Your product liability attorney in Lake Worth will be able to help build your case and determine if the company or manufacturer is liable for your injury.

    If you’re not sure where to start, contact us at Adolphe Law Group. Our defective product attorneys in Lake Worth can walk you step-by-step through the process. Don’t let a company get away with a product liability issue. If you’re hurt, call us. We fight on your behalf.


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