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What to do in a Fender Bender?

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    You’ve gotten into a fender bender—yikes. A fender bender is a rear-end collision and is quite common. In fact, data shows that 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur each year and cost $871 billion!

    But while they’re fairly common, it doesn’t mean that this is not something to be taken seriously. Since fender benders don’t typically cause serious injuries, many people think: is it okay to just exchange contact and insurance information?

    The short answer is no. Sharing just your contact and insurance information is not enough. At Adolphe Law Group, our Florida personal injury lawyers have worked with so many clients who have been involved in accidents where the other party is dishonest or unwilling to settle. Therefore, documentation and hard proof of what happened are necessary.

    So, if just exchanging your contact information isn’t enough, what should you do in a fender bender? As professional auto accident attorneys at Adolphe Law Group, we recommend the following steps:

    1.Stop the car and pull over

    In most states, it’s against the law to leave after there was an accident, so make sure you get out of the way and turn your hazard lights on.

    2.Call the police so they can file a report

    This information may be essential in court later on or for your insurance claim. Another reason you should call the police is so they can get emergency care if needed and protect the accident scene.

    3.Exchange information

    Try not to say too much to the other party, as you don’t want any of your words to be twisted around. It is important, however, to collect each other’s personal contact information (name, address, phone, email) and driver/insurance information (license number, insurance information, make and model of the car). If there are eyewitnesses, collect their information too.

    4.Call your insurance provider

    Report the accident to them and use the information from the police report to back up your claim.

    5.Get legal help

    If things cannot be resolved through this process, you may need legal help. This is especially important if you have been injured in an accident. Call us at Adolphe Law Group to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers who can manage the details of your case.

    These tips are important if you caused the accident but even more important if you did not. If you get into a fender bender and the other person insists that it’s okay just to share contact information, be very wary. Some people will not want to have to pay for damages caused by their reckless driving and give you false contact information.

    To be safe, involve the authorities and get a police report completed. Then you have some hard proof of what happened should there be a need for legal action. Our personal injury lawyers at Adolphe Law Group will be able to advocate for you and get the justice you deserve.

    If you want to talk to an accident attorney in Lake Worth, contact the Adolphe Law Group. We are here for you and will fight on your behalf!


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