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What Do I Do If I am In a Hit-and-Run Accident?

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    Given the nature of the accident, it’s hard to have an accurate number of how many hit-and-run accidents there are in the USA. One report from the AAA Foundation estimated there to be over 737,000 hit-and-run accidents in 2015. This is a shocking number, and sad that it is still so frequent.

    Because hit-and-run accidents still happen, you might wonder: What do I do if I’m in a hit-and-run accident? If you’re unfortunately in this place, there are four steps to follow:

    1. Call the police

    The first step is to always call the police. Do this as soon as you’re able or get someone nearby you to help out. The police will be able to help you file a police report that will help record the details of what happened and support your case.

    2. Make a report

    After calling the police, they will help you make a report about the hit-and-run accident. Here you will record everything you remember about what happened and the case of the details.

    A report can help your personal injury lawyer or accident attorney compile all the data for your case and ensure you receive compensation and coverage.

    3. Check for traffic cameras or storefront cameras

    While you’re filling out the report, check and see if there are any nearby traffic or storefront cameras. Ideally, a camera has captured what happened and the license plate of the person who caused the accident.

    You can tell the police officer about the cameras and record them on your report. Even if you are not sure there is a camera, report any potential camera locations to be investigated further.

    4. Adolphe will look at your insurance to see if you are covered

    The last step is to contact your personal injury or accident attorney to see if your insurance will cover you. The type of insurance you want in this case is Uninsured Motorist Insurance.

    Essentially, this insurance will protect you if you were in an accident where the other party caused it and left the scene. It also covers you if the other driver does not have an insured vehicle. Your accident attorney will be able to see if your insurance is covered.

    If you have been in a hit-and-run accident, follow these four simple steps. Knowing this information will help you stay calm under a stressful situation and manage it in the best way possible. When you’re in doubt, contact us at Adolphe Law Group, and one of our experienced accident attorneys will be able to give you more information.

    We hope you’re never in a hit-and-run, but if you are, these are the four steps to follow. Adolphe Law Group is here to stand by you and fight for you. Contact us for any questions or more information about what we can do. 


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